Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Blessings

This past year started off so well..things were looking so good for us. Around August the economy started taking a nose dive and we sure did feel it! I guess people don't buy furniture when they are worried about money. So, after our trip to Utah (thanks Dad) I got a job and things got worse with Aaron's job and it just wasn't looking good for Christmas...I was so worried. I worry too much! Thanks to our Secret Santa, my sister, my Dad, Aaron's family and my mom we had a lovely Christmas. We are feeling so much love.... thank you thank you thank you!

I worked on Christmas and the kids had to wait until I got off to open gifts. Aaron brought them to my work for breakfast and then again for lunch. It was such a nice day and I didn't mind working at all....well maybe just a little bit....but it ended up just fine and the kids were so patient and had the best manners the whole day. I think we only had one fight and that is a Christmas miracle!
Joe is thrilled with his new cars.

Megan with her no show socks.

Molly got a new doggie bed.

Matthew with his airhogs remote control car.

Zack got a new scarf!

Josh with one of the games my mom sent to go with the wii my dad sent.

Hannah had a barbie Christmas....she was in heaven!

Josh's best present was the realization that he is finally taller than me!

Look how blue our eyes are! I have a fun enhancment feature on my computer that I didn't even know I had...too cool!


Michelle said...

That is neat. I'm so glad to hear that your Christmas was good. It was so hard for so many families.
Your eyes are beautiful. Both of you.

kim said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your Christmas. your kids are all getting so big! And you look GREAT

Lia said...

I'm glad everything turned out great. It's amazing to me how this season has been a trial for so many in so many different ways. Good thing we've all got friends and family to help.

Greg and/or Angie said...

You're so optimistic! I'm glad it was a nice Christmas too! Angie

Cindy said...

Kim, Looks like you had a nice Christmas. Your kids are getting so big. I love your hairstyle. I love your new blog design too. I'm scared to change mine. I'll probably screw everything up. Take care. Cindy

Alison W. said...

It looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas. Ps. I love your hair