Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Poem

I found a poem in Josh's pants while doing the laundry. He told me it was an Ekphorastic poem he had to write for english about the picture above. The picture is of a boy in a Japanese Internment camp..... Here it is...well, I was going to type it out but Josh wanted to type it out himself and in the process he wrote a different poem than the one I found...I told him..."this is my blog and I want the poem that was written on the folded up piece of paper I found in his, I'm including both...the original and the revised version...they are both boy's a poet!!
The bus leaves, taking the freedom
Leaving no hope
Young children running, trying to have fun
Parents gather them, they are done
One boy sits, rests
He waits and wants
He turns and looks
As the bus rolls away
Slowly, steadily, surely
Rolling away leaving dust
Taking away a lack of trust
Beyond the gate it continues to go
Far away, maybe back home
The boy just sits, rests
Craning his neck
to see through the fence
Watches as the bus rolls over the hill and away
Alone with people all around
The boy sits, rests and silently cries
The bus leaves taking away the last bit of freedom they had
Children running, laughing, playing
One boy sits, rests
Thinks, ponders
The weeds keep swaying
As the boy turns and looks
Through the fence
Across the fence
Outside the fence
The bus rolls away
Slowly, steadily, surely
Beyond the gate it continues to go
The boy just sits, rests
Craning his neck
The bus rolls away
Taking with it people's trust
The boy is alone
People all around
Sad faces and frowns
The boy just sits
And silently cries


Lia said...

Good job Josh! Very thoughtful.

Alisa said...

He is a poet! That was very good!

Cindy said...

Wow, Kim, I didn't know that Josh was such a good writer! This is just beautiful! I love poems! Marikita has written some beautiful ones too!
I am so behind on blogging, so I am commenting on the past few weeks of your posts!!! Read on!

Julie said...

Those were wonderful. He's incredibly talented. I read once that a piece of art is never finished, just abandoned.

Harried hairdresser said...

I'd say he is a poet. Both of the poems were amazing. Kudos to Josh.

Jacque said...

Wow, that was amazing. I've got the chills!