Thursday, June 26, 2014

May and June Happenings

 Our family made a trip to Utah recently.  Megan graduated and moved to live there with my sister, Jenny, and my Aunt Jo.  So we all drove out to bring her there.  I flew home after a week. Joe and Hannah, are still  in Utah staying with my sister and Aunt.  I miss them so much but it's also been so relaxing not having little ones running around.  I've actually been pretty lazy about housework, gotten so much more sleep than usual and not had to listen to nearly as much fighting.  All that being said I'm so ready for them to come home.  I talk to them on the phone often but it's not the same as the snuggles I get when they are home. They will be there for another week and a half and then I will meet Jenny and my Aunt Jo (and Hannah and Joe, of coarse) in Cheyenne to take them home.  Matthew also stayed longer than I did, he came home a week after I did.  Aaron and Josh were the first to get home, staying only four days before making the long drive home.  So we had a week at home with just Josh there, then Matthew came home overnight and left the next morning for Scout Camp.  He's been home since Saturday.

Matthew got his braces off on Monday.  He tells me he misses his crooked teeth and that he's never going to be thankful he had braces....I doubt this very seriously.  Someday he will thank me for "making" him have braces.   He leaves today for Youth Conference (LDS thing).  I hope he has a good time and good things happen for him there.

Josh is getting ready for Pinewood Bowl's performance of "Shrek the Musical".  Josh is playing one of the 3 little pigs.  I'm glad he's doing something he loves.  The sister missionaries have been coming over to see him and actually got him to go to church on Sunday.  He only came for Sacrament least it's something.

It was so good to see Zack while we were in Utah.....I miss him so much.  He's lost so much weight and looks so great.  I do still worry about him....I know he's an "adult" now but he's still my son and I'm still his mom and I just want him to be happy and make good choices....some things never change.  LOL.

I also LOVED seeing the "Murray Schafers" and Aaron's parents and of coarse my sister, nephew and Aunt.  I also got to see a few of my close friends (love my girlfriends!)  I miss living in Utah so much.  Aaron keeps saying we are moving back when Matthew finishes High School...but I don't see how we will be able to......I guess I just need to have faith.

I'm still absolutely loving my calling as the Nursery Leader at church.  I've been in there for over a year now and wonder how long they will keep me there....I hope they forget I'm there and just leave me there for a long long time!  I love those's so nice to get my "baby" fix.  I'm sad because several of the families in our ward have finished school and are moving on to other places for jobs.  I had to say good bye to 4 of our little ones on's very sad.

I've decided to try once again to get into shape and be more healthy.  I've actually been to the gym alot the last week and a half and have loved being there.  I'm eating better too.  Josh is also working out and we've both lost a little weight.  Me 4 lbs and Josh 6 lbs.  It's a start and I'll take it.  I know it will take some time to get back to where I would like to be.  I really don't want a perfect body, just a happier healthier one.  I want to feel good in my skin.  I want to be able to sit down and not look down to see 2 or three rolls on my tummy.  I really want to be able to go the thrift store and be able to try on all the cute clothes I see....that are all too small for me now.  LOL.

Matthew without braces!

Josh, Aaron  and I have gone out  soooo much with it being just us.  This was a trip to get frozen yogurt. 

Murphy misses his mama (Megan) so much.  He's always lazy...but he's had some anxiety issues that I'm sure are due to our missing family members...hopefully once the little ones are home he will get to feeling better. 

I'm sure missing these's so hard for moms when kids grow up and don't need us as least it's hard for this mom. 

My daughter graduated!  I'm just really proud of this girl and all she's accomplished so far in her life.  I know she will go far and achieve her goals. 

Love her!

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