Thursday, November 14, 2013

The latest happenings

I got my hair cut again.  I really wanted to go super short the first time I had it cut short but I was too scared....I really like it super short, I may just keep it this length....
Megan made this cute gingerbread house at YW last night.  I took a picture and then Matthew devoured it (I helped a little).  Megan gave it to him.  It's nice that she's getting older and actually treats him a little better now.

A couple nights ago when I was picking the kids up at school I just had to take a pic of the beautiful sunset.  Of coarse, pictures never do it justice but it was just gorgeous.

Hannah, Joe and I made cookies a few afternoons ago.  It was fun.  Joe is such a poser!

posing again

Happy he smiled in this one!

Notice Matthew playing video games in the backround.  Don't notice the messy computer desk.

It was not a fun time getting these pictures.  Hannah was grumpy mcgrump grump and complained the WHOLE time.  Luckily vampires don't smile.

I like this one the best

Joe insisted on having a mask this year...I really don't like masks, but he was so happy to have one. 

For Joe's birthday we ate at Red Robin.  We got him an origami kit and he held this facial expression for a full minute after opening his gift.  I think he liked it....and did I mention he's a poser?

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