Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Update in Pictures (random order)

Josh is going to be in Pinewood Bowl's production of Hairspray.  Pinewood Bowl is an outdoor theater here in Lincoln.  It's located in Pioneers Park.   Anyway.....I dropped him off for rehearsal the other day and man!!  I just had to stop and take a's so green and pretty....I wanted to stop, get a blanket out and just lay here by the lake for awhile.....

Joe auditioned for The Little Mermaid Jr at Lincoln Community Playhouse.  He sang "I'll make a man out of you" from the Disney movie Mulan.  This pic is from the headshots I took of him on the day of his audition....He made it into the play!  He's in the ensemble and so far is playing one of the seagulls, he may have other parts too.  90 kids auditioned and only 32 made it into the show...I think that's pretty dang cool!! 

Hannah's curls....she loves to have curly hair.  Her hair is getting so long!!  She told me she wants it to grow as long as Repunzel's

Josh has a job!  He's working at the YMCA as a daycamp counselor.  I arrived to pick him up one day and he was out with all the kiddos.  All the little girls call him Joshy......How cute is that??!!! 

Hannah wearing curlers.  Megan found these when we were thrift store shopping (my favorite).  What an awesome buy, they were only like 2.50 for 14 curlers....and they are soft so they are comfortable to sleep in. 

The kids love to "pose" Murphy.  He is so lazy and will just lay there at let them do whatever. 

We have been getting a ton of rain!  One of the rainy days Aaron let Hannah and Joe play and play in it....they were soaked!!  We made them strip down right there on porch.....don't worry we held up a towel so they weren't showing their goods to our neighbors. 

We had a blocked drain spout....yeah....the rain was pouring down off the corner of the roof.

Hannah and I

Megan and I went to Walmart.  I had to use the restroom and afterwards could not find her anywhere!!  I looked for like a half hour.  She had my phone and my purse....finally I decided to go to the customer service area to call her and that's where I found her sitting waiting for me to come out the bathroom.  She took many selfies to kill time I guess. 

my nemesis and I meet again....LAUNDRY...uuuugggghhhh.

Hannah thought this was a great pose to show off her cuteness.  I especially love the tongue in her cheek. 

Joe's first day of rehearsal....this is a sculpture in front of the Lincoln Community Playhouse. 

On Monday we went to Mahoney Park for a farewell for a family in our Ward.  Hannah got this awesome bruise trying to climb up the slide....when I first saw the bruise I thought one of her brothers had grabbed her arm really hard....I was actually re leaved to find out it was from playing and not from abuse...LOL. 

ps....I've tried on many occasions to take pictures of Matthew and he runs.


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