Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to "Unconvalesce"

Today I slept away the day.  I could not fall asleep until 930 or 1000 and then ended up sleeping until 7pm!  I got a bowl of cereal, went back up to my room and turned on the TV.  These past weeks since my surgery have been spent mostly in my my comfy bed, with my remote close by.  I really couldn't do much reading as the pain meds made me feel almost carsick if I tried to read.  I'm feeling so much better...but still tired, too tired.  I have got to get up and do something.  My body has gotten used to doing alot of nothing.  My biggest "wake up" call came tonight as I  sat in my bed, eating my bowl of cereal.  Hannah came up to snuggle with me and she looks at me with her cute little face "you kinda live up here don't you eat up here, you sleep up here and you watch TV up here."........can you say EMBARRASSMENT and SHAME....those were the two things I felt.  Out of the mouths of babes.


Deb said...

Don't push it. When I had my surgery, it took a good six months until I felt all the way normal, not tired anymore. You have to ease yourself into your routine again. Good luck!

Lia said...

Recovery bites. But Deb is right. Take your time.