Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Latest Conversations

The missionaries were over for dinner and were about to leave after they gave us a spiritual thought.....
Joe:   (to the missionaries) Can you keep a secret?
Me:  (thinking in my head)....NOOOOOO!
Joe:  My talent is wetting the bed.
Where does he get this stuff????

Hannah is LOVING the Harry Potter movies and watches them often (we have all of them).  She was watching the last one the other night....

Hannah:  (after a big sigh).... Joe, we are muggles.....I know alot about muggles because I am one.
about 45 min later....
Hannah: Mom, I'm really a wizard (said with a dead serious face) and when I turn 11 I'm going to Hogwarts
Me:  You know Harry Potter is just pretend right?
Hannah: (just a words).

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