Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Open to Interpretation

I work overnights in the ER. I am a patient registrar...which means I greet patients when they come to the ER....I get all their information, name, birthday, address, and then put all that in the computer....then later on, after they've seen the Dr....I get their insurance info and put that in the computer. I do other things too, but the main thing I do is register patients. I go to work at 1130pm and get off at 8am....so, I sleep during the day. That's the set up for the following.....

Today I was sleeping nice and soundly until I was startled awake by a blood curdling scream (my kids are still home for winter break). I then HAD to get up to go to the bathroom...which is so irritating really, it wakes me up too much and makes it so hard to go back to sleep! Today, I was lucky, I was able to go back to sleep (yay!) . I was again startled awake by another blood curdling scream (I figure I got a total of 6.5 hours of sleep, which is actually quite good for me....yay again!). Because I was startled from a good sound sleep, I remember my dream quite vividly. I was checking patients into the ER lots and lots of them...it was never ending. I remember the last one was a very tall, like 7 foot, very thin african american woman. She looked freaky in my dream, all big teeth and big bushy eyebrows. I was asking her name and she was standing very close to me as I typed in her name and for some reason we were standing by an indoor waterfall thing....anyway, she was standing way too close to me and I was very uncomfortable and when I asked her last name she said "REVOLUTION" and when I asked her first name she said "LITL' LIL". At this point I was jolted awake by said blood curdling scream. So, my question.....what the heck is that all about? Any good dream interpreters out there?

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Zack said...

I had a dream I joined the army. And it was very realistic because I remember being sort of excited for something new and then thinking why would I do that? But there was no going back. And when I shared the news you started crying really hard. I had to hold my tears in because the military doesn't cry. And then right after that I had a dream that I wanted to transfer schools to Las Vegas and then to Portland, Oregon. You were very supportive and even my dream self thought that was a tad bit fishy. I think my dreams are telling me I want a change. Your dream is telling you that you are crazy. ;)