Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Random Stuff (in no particular order)

Matthew is 13! Officially a we have four! Matthew really helped me out so much this summer. He watched the smaller kids many times and with little complaining. Here's what I've noticed though.....with teenager years comes a lot more mouthing off. The other day Matthew found out what happens when you mouth off right to your mom's face......he was taken down to China Town! Yes, I can still take him down, I'm still stronger.....but only by a little.
He is enjoying going to our church youth group and he's becoming a very wonderful young man...even if he is a little too mouthy.

Matthew or Chewy as we still sometimes call him.

I love to catch my kids being sweet.

This summer was a busy traveling one for us. I went to Utah twice in 6 weeks. The first time was to go to parent/student orientation with Zack. We drove down (it's a very LONG 12-14 hour drive, depending on how many times you stop). The first time it was me, Zack, his boyfriend Greg, Matthew, Joe and Hannah. We stayed in Utah for about a week. When we came back it was me, Zack, Greg, Matthew, Hannah and Zane. We left Joe with my sister and my Aunt and we took Zane, my nephew, with us. It was really so nice having Zane with us and it was so quiet having Joe in Utah. Oh, I missed him but I also enjoyed it without that bad? He's such an intense little person and it's a lot of work being his mom. Six weeks was a long time though and he and I were both very ready to be reunited. When we went back to Utah it was me, Zack, Zane, Josh and Megan. We arrived in Utah very early in the morning and I went right in to my sleeping prince and hugged and kissed him! He was so happy to see me and he spent the entire day glued to my side. The next day brought some of those awful tantrums he'd been saving up for me.....back to work. I'm still glad he's home though! Utah brought many reunions with old friends. A good ole GNO thanks to my friend Lia! I had such a lovely night reminiscing and laughing! I've missed all that so much! It was just so awesome! I wish, as usual, there will come a day we can move back to our beloved Utah......

Megan, Josh and Joe at RUMBI ISLAND, we've missed that place!

Matthew, Zane and Hannah at South Towne Mall

Megan on the car ride home.
She got her braces off this summer!
Her teeth are so beautiful to match her beautiful face.

Speaking of my daughter.....I took her to TJ Maxx yesterday to get a lunch bag. She is trying to eat more healthy and wants to take her lunch to school. They had many super cute bags. But being true to her nature, she wanted a plain one. (Just so you know, I want one of the super cute ones.....I'm taking my lunch to work because I'm trying to eat healthy too.) Anyway, I told her to pick out a shirt too. So, she did. If you know Megan you know she is not an affectionate person....she really does not like hugs AT ALL!! If you know me you know I am a very affectionate person and I LOVE hugs A LOT!! So imagine my moment of joyous wonder when my daughter who has not given me a hug of her own accord in several years....gave me a hug with both arms!!!.....when we were walking out to the we were in public! Miracles really do happen!

Megan's new shirt and her plain lunch bag.

and her super cute purse that Aunt Jenny sent for her birthday.
Even Josh was heard to say "hey that purse is so cool".

School started this week. Hannah is now a kindergartner! It's a very exciting thing! Joe is in 2nd grade and has a fabulous teacher, who is totally willing to work with all his little idiosyncrasies. Matthew is in his last year of middle school, 8th grade. Megan is a Sophomore this year. She's really looking forward to all the after school activities...Drama and Speech. Josh is a SENIOR! He's looking forward to finishing this year and starting college and going on a Mission.

Joe and Hannah...first day of school.

Oh I almost forgot to tell the cute story about Hannah....a few days before school started she and Joe were cleaning her room and she found Joe's old Spiderman backpack, she said she liked Spiderman and was going to use it for school (see, her mom forgot about getting her a backpack...oops). So, she was so excited when the night before school I brought her home a princess backpack. She wore it the whole evening around the house. So, even though she LIKES Spiderman, I think she LOVES princesses!

Josh had a birthday too. He's 17. He had a wonderful present from Grandad and Carolyn. A trip to California and he got to bring his girlfriend, Tori, with him. They had a marvelous time and got to do so many cool things, the beach, a play in Hollywood and a trip to Knotts Berry Farm among the many. He had a blast and it's something he will always get to keep in his memories.

Josh (and Tori) with his new batman underpants!

When we went to Utah the 2nd time we brought a present for Grandma and Grandpa. A little kitten named Buttons. Now all their animals are from us...don't know if that's such a good thing...we are feeding their habit. So, little kitten came to us from Tori. She really wanted to find a good home for her. I know the home Josh found for her is a good one....she will be quite spoiled there, I'm sure. It was nice to visit with the grandparents we got to go to church with them and out to lunch. We were sad that the Murray Schafers were on vacation for most of our trip but very happy we got to see them, if only for a little while, on our last day there. I should of taken picures! My favorite was when we were talking about what to do for my in laws 50th wedding anniversary coming up this November and my niece Elizabeth thought it would be a very good idea to have a party for them and maybe play some "old people dodge ball"! LOVE IT!!

Buttons....she loves being in small places. She did surprising well on the LONG trip to Utah.

Josh, Megan, Zack, Joe with Grandpa and Grandma at SWEET TOMATOES (I have missed that place so much!). Grandpa would not look at the camera....he was trying to get Joe to pose like a normal little boy....but, you see, Joe is a super hero...not a normal little boy.

When we left Utah...we left Zack there. He's going to the University of Utah going for his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. Saying good bye to my son was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I bawled and bawled and he laughed and laughed. You see, he doesn't know what it's like to say good bye to your child. I was his world when he was a baby and he slowly grew up and became a man and now the world is out there and he is going for it, following his dreams. I still get tears when I think of him sometimes and sometimes those tears run down my cheeks. Last night Megan said "Zack starts school on Monday...oh and did you hear he got that job at Jamba Juice?" Then I started thinking about him....thinking about him starting a new life, thinking about how much people will love him...he's so fun and makes people laugh. And the tears came and spilled down my cheeks and Megan was laughing. You see, she doesn't know what it's like....saying good bye to your child.

The last picture taken of Zack before we left for Utah.


The Hirschi Family said...

KIM!! I cannot believe how big your kids are!!! It must be "kindof" nice that all your kids are in school now!!! How have you been?? Where do you work at now??!! And seriously Zack is in college?????!! AHH!!! Miss your face!!! :D

Lia said...

Sweaty eyeballs. What can you do? You've always been a sweater.

Glad we got to see ya! We'll do it again!

Tammi said...

Your summer seemed like lots of fun! It was great to see you both times you were here. I can't believe you made me cry... Why oh why do our kids grow up so fast!