Monday, April 18, 2011


Josh: Everyone! Listen to this (talking to our whole family). Today at our band competition I opened the case to my french horn...took out the mouth piece and found orange playdough in there!

Me: Hannah did you do that?

Hannah: No....

Joe: I didn't do it either!

Me: Hannah did you put orange playdough in Josh's french horn?

Hannah: It wasn't was a crayon (this part said very quietly).

Josh: Why did you put a crayon in my mouth piece?

Hannah: I was trying to get the bagel out of there.


Steph and Jeff said...

Ha ha. Better put a lock on that case. Did the crayon melt? Why did it look like playdough?

Suzie said...

I love your posts!!!! *giggle giggle giggle*

Michelle said...

lol!!! That is funny!

Julie said...


Lia said...