Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Stuff

*Hannah is recovering splendidly! She says it doesn't hurt at all anymore and she's back to her fun, cute self. She is back to loving on me and giving me hugs and kisses all the time....I just love it, for one day, I know, she will be a teenager and those things will be a fond memory. The best part of all is that there was no cancer...just a bad egg....hee hee....

*Joe is doing so well in school! No calls from the principal thus far....*fingers crossed and knock on wood* He likes his teacher but misses his kindergarten teacher so much. He begged and begged and we finally went to see Miss Steele on Friday...he hugged her three times! And afterwards told me he loved her more than me and when I told him that made me sad he told me "okay...I love her the same amount as you". Okay...now I feel better...*hmph*

*Matthew is liking his new school...until night time and then he doesn't like it anymore. I've not figured that one out yet....I think he's just tired and needs to go to bed. He's making new friends and still playing the saxophone. It's nice that he can ride his bike or walk....no more long drives to take and pick up kids! Woo hoo!

*Zack, Josh and Megan are getting ready to perform in their school play, Cinderella. My dad is coming all the way from California to see it. Yay! I think Megan is liking high school....she isn't a big sharer (and have I mentioned she doesn't like hugs and kisses).

*Josh got a job at Raising Canes....it's somewhat like Chick-fil-A....just chicken sold there and the best dinner toast EVER!!! YUM!!

*We have a crazy neighbor. He called the cops on us because "we are transmitting messages to his house". WHAT!!???? The Police just wanted to warn us...warn us of what is still undetermined....is he just crazy or violent too? I saw one of the police officers last night while I was working in the ER...he was bringing some other individual in to visit us....I asked him if we should worry about our neighbor hurting anyone, his response...."As long as I've known him he's never hurt anyone".....after he left I wondered.....how long has he known him? A week?

*I joined Weight Watchers....now I'm watching my weight.....I'm 5 days in...weigh in is on Friday. It's not as hard as I thought it would be and I even think it's kinda fun...is that weird? I wonder how many points I'd have to use to have some of that dinner toast??

*I will leave you with some evidence of what happens when a four and six year old get a hold of the camera....


Deb said...

K - that getting the police called on you made me laugh. Glad that Hannah is doing so well, and it sounds like the rest of the kiddos are too. Such a good thing.

Lia said...

Glad to hear Hannah is doing well! Crazy neighbor sounds a little scary. Be careful (I know you will).
Welcome to the world of Weight Watchers! I think it's kind of fun too. I've not done as well as I should since I started running, but I'm constantly trying to get it all back in balance. Oh, I think a peice of garlic toast/bread is about 5 or 6 points. Something like that. Just say no.

Susan said...

I'm so glad to hear baby girl is on the mend. That was a freightening thing.

Michelle S. said...

I love those pictures! SO cute!

I wish WE were coming to see Cinderella!! When is it?

Michelle S. said...

I am scared about your neighbor.

Keep us posted.

I hope he doesn't get this message.