Saturday, April 10, 2010

Midnight Masquerade

That's the prom theme this year. Zack went with Cassie again this year and they both looked so awesome! A big group of kids got together for pictures and to have dinner....thanks to Karen (Brittney's mom) for providing such a lovely home and dinner for the kids! I'm sure they're having a grand time!~ Here are many pictures not all in the proper order but you get the gist....
Cassie pinning Zack's boutonnière on
Cassie's mom pinning Zack's boutonnière on.

Zack and Cassie (I love this one!)

Zack and Cassie

Zack in our backyard

I love this one! the look on his face!

Love this one too...he looks so handsome!

Zack and Adam getting each other ready for their!

Zack and Adam

Zack and Brittney

Zack and Grace

Zack and Jesse

Jessie, Zack and Jodie

Zack and Lexi

The cute couple...they look gorgeous!

Happy Prom 2010!

*A very special thanks to Grandad! Love you!!!


Michelle said...

Zach looks so handsome! And Cassie is gorgeous. They look good together.

Tammi said...

So much fun!! They look Amazing. I can't believe they are Juniors!!

Lara said...

Loved the pictures!!!

kim said...

What great pictures and he is very handsome! Miss you

Lia said...

They're growing up fast. I hope they had a great time! They look great!

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, he looks so handsome and grown up. Doesn't it just feel like yesterday that they were in nursery?!

Michelle S. said...

Thank you so much for posting these! I love them SO much! Zack is such a handsome young man!