Saturday, May 23, 2009

Poetry by Zack


Spilling across the landscape
Splashing upon the mountain and hillsides
The destructive hero opens wide his eyes.

Singing delightfully in his praise
Soaring to reach the tips of his wonder
The beautiful peasant seeks it's food.

Stretching longingly for his bright waves
Sipping gratefully at his sudden vines
the needy rich man fills his vacant stomach.

Sneering up at his blaring strands
Splurging the thick protective coating on it's freckles
the genius idiot tries to blockade his power.


Sisters like to fight
Up and down
And all around
They like to scream
And shout making
Tears appear in
Eyes blue as
Blue jeans
They fight on boys and
Clothes and computer time
They like to scream
And love
Another always remembering
They need each
Other to survive
Sisters like to fight but
Sisters love to love